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Embedded Circuity, Outsource Overmolding, Prototypes

Custom and Standard Overmolds




Outsource OverMolding / Complete Turnkey Solutions

We are a leading edge provider of outsource overmolding technology and know how. The company provides consulting, on-site training, tool design and development, as well as engineering and technical marketing support to assist you in the development of in-house overmolding capabilities.





Embedded Circuitry Cables and Devices

We custom manufacture a full spectrum of “smart” cables and molded interconnects for the Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Mil Spec, Military, Robotics, Instrumentation, Audio, Marine and Industrial markets. We can overmold over protected circuits and enclosures, or directly over an open device. Our unique technology and expertise results in very high quality overmolds and considerable savings for our customers





Custom and Standard Overmolds

We utilize state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. Solidworks brings current solid modeling and design capabilities to our advanced CNC and EDM equipment. These capabilities insure sophisticated design and complex machining, and provide our customers with the highest quality at competitive costs and shortened lead-times. We are specialists in design, prototyping, and medium and short run production with high mix





Prototype and Limited Production

We are a worldwide leader specialized in custom molded cable assemblies and custom overmolded interconnects. We provide rapid prototyping, quick turn pre-production, as well as, low volume / high mix assemblies. In addition to custom work, we also provide a brad range of standard products. With over 2500 molded cable designs and over 1,500,000 standard strain relief products, the company is a leader in its field, and can save you significant amounts in tooling and engineering costs.

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