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Wire Management Products


ISCENGINEERING " Wire Management  Products " provide simple yet cost effective strain and flex relief to a  variety of problem areas in the typical interconnect products  arena.

  • Cable exit at the  enclosure
  • Panel mount cable  entry and exit points
  • Connector housing  cable exits
  • Replacement for  heat-shrink tubing solutions
  • Improved flex  life of cable system
  • Improved pull  force of interconnect termination



Strain relief products currently available in the industry are limited in scope and availability. ISC provides standard solutions, ON-the shelf and readily available. Custom solutions are also available in a few weeks, with no tooling required. The design combinations have been reduced with the introduction of our 3D on-line configuration tools.





Innovative design and development of our interactive, on-line design tools are an industry first for Wire Management products. With the ability to design and download the engineering files, ISC provides award winning ease of use to the OEM and Distributor users. Readily available products from stock is also available at cost effective prices.

CUSTOM solutions are also available with minimal tooling and lead-time.


Slip-on grommet







overmoldtooling.comis the industry leader in development of overmold tooling and design solutions within the interconnect industry. Founded in 1999 to expand the use of overmold solutions, and ease the burden of design and tool making, ISC Engineering provides the "know how" to get the job done.

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